Individual Empowerment

No matter where our members started on their real estate journey, everyday members of our Runway and Altitude mastermind groups rise to meet unexpected challenges in their personal and professional lives. It all started with a calling to become leaders and create an impact in their communities for their families. This empowerment makes all the difference.

Celebrating our Community

You don’t have to go into business all alone. That’s why we celebrate the important milestones along the way. From a Runway Member’s first deal to an Altitude member’s first $1,000,000 in gross profit, we commemorate these significant achievements.


Our members are proof that there are no limits when you’re held accountable for your vision and goals. With 7FF, you’re always surrounded by a community of serious, like-minded real estate investors who are accomplishing more than they ever thought possible.

Member Spotlight

Our members are at the core of what we do. We bring together the best of the best in real estate who are looking to create an impact in their lives, their families, and their communities. Their success is our success. The 7FF Awards are a way to highlight the incredible accomplishments of these individuals on an annual basis.

This year, we have completed 38 projects, added 5 commercial multi-family spaces, and have 30 active projects on the books. The major sources of investing have been in ourselves (7FF Mastermind), our mindset, and erasing limiting beliefs.”

Kent Mueller & Nyles Edwards

M/E Holding Company LLC

Networking, "copy-catting", working hard, finding deals, and all that stuff! These things have helped us reach our goals.”

Dana Mace

Ubiquitous Properties, LLC

7FF provided the accountability groups and hot seats at the live events to keep me motivated and on track for my business goals. I  acquired 3 projects in the first 90 days by networking with real estate agents and direct mail marketing. Through networking with my local wholesalers and real estate agents, I’ve closed another 8 for a total of 13 this year doubling my business”

Stan Wilder

Wilder Property Acquisitions

Before joining 7FF I was doing about 1 deal a year. This past year we flipped 8 properties and added 2 properties to our rental portfolio. The knowledge and support from this group was a big step to our success.”

Bob Miller

Bradlyn Properties

Started with rentals, went through law school, went full time into flipping, started wholesaling, grew to 3 people, joined 7FF, now have 35 team members!”

Luc Boiron

Cash House Buyer Inc.

What I’ve seen is that success is an exception to the average way of thinking. To get ahead, be different; to go far, get a mentor, to go further, surround yourself with the right people. Exceptions are only made for the exceptional.”

Philip Blake Porter

Stride Investment Group, Inc.

Because I learn best by taking massive action... the 2 biggest ways that 7FF has helped me are getting to know people "who have been there and done that”, and having constructive weekly check-ins with my accountability group.”

Marcus Khong

Accentuality Investments LLC

We went to Flip Hacking Live in 2019 and were blown away with the information that we received. We have 10x our passive income by adding 7 rentals, completed 8 flips and wholesale deals, joined a syndication, and started a short-term rental company. Each event pushes us to do a little more and to grow. We are so grateful for each and every member and event!”

Ashley and Chad Whitaker

CAIAC Investments, LLC

Member Spotlight

Learn More About the Awards

Freedom Award

This award is for Altitude Members who truly feel they have reached a level of freedom. The Freedom Award symbolizes the achievement of true freedom in your real estate business and in your life. This is the capstone award and applications undergo a very strict selection process.

7 Figure Club

This award is for Altitude Members who have hit 7 figures of income in 1 year. The 7 Figure Club Award recognizes real estate investors who have earned $1,000,000 or more in gross profit flipping or wholesaling houses over the past 12 months. You can apply for and earn a 7 Figure Club Award each year that you qualify.

Lift Off Award

This award is is for Runway members whose business has achieved liftoff by reaching the goal of flipping or wholesaling 10 houses within the past 12 months. This award is also to recognize those who have recently graduated from Runway to the Altitude group.