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7 Figure Underground Book

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In this breakout real estate investing book Bill Allen, founder of Black Jack Real Estate and CEO of 7 Figure Flipping, breaks down the exact strategies he uses to flip and wholesale houses at scale, without seeing any of the properties or using any of his own money.
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Getting Started

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Direct Mail Checklist

While most real estate investors will tell you direct mail is getting harder, this is our #1 source of motivated seller leads. This “Direct Mail Checklist” will tap you into our proven secrets for direct mail success.

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Short Term Rentals

Optimize Your Income With a Step-By-Step System To Take You From Zero Short-Term Rental Properties to a Consistent Stream of Passive Income

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Facebook Marketing

Get access to 3 powerful documents outlining how to create highly-engaging content on your Facebook page that will help build trust with your audience and grow your business.

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Driving for Dollars

Get access to the ultimate driving for dollars workbook. Map out your plan, get organized, and hold yourself accountable to hit your driving-for-dollars goals.

In this challenge, Bill shows you how to make money a non-issue FOREVER. Get ready to access to $500,000+ of private money in the next 30 days.

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