Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn the strategies that are working RIGHT NOW, in TODAY’S market

7 Figure Runway

New to real estate investing? Take the “guesswork” out of your journey and instead follow a PROVEN PATH to start flipping houses, wholesaling, buying rentals, running AirBnb’s, and more in the 7 Figure Runway mastermind group. You’ll learn what’s working and what strategies to avoid. You’ll get access to the same tools and tactics HUNDREDS of our members are already using to build consistent, profitable businesses. You don’t have to “figure it out” on your own or risk losing money on “bad” deals. If you’re ready to become a CONFIDENT investor, apply to join 7 Figure Runway!

7 Figure Altitude

Can you “scale” a real estate investing business so it runs “without” you… while doing MORE deals than you ever thought possible? Inside the 7 Figure Altitude mastermind group, you’ll meet and network with some of the nation’s most successful real estate investors and tap into the exact business systems they’re using to INCREASE and AUTOMATE their deal flow while working just a few hours per week. You’ll connect with a tribe of action-takers who understand what you’re going through and the challenges you face as an entrepreneur. If you’re ready to remove yourself from the “day-to-day” operations of your business so you can get your life back and stop working 80+ hours per week, apply to join 7 Figure Altitude!


7 Figure Multifamily

Ready for passive income and long-term wealth? The 7 Figure Multifamily mastermind group is a community of serious, dedicated investors focused on building ongoing passive returns and creating a legacy of financial success and stability for themselves and their loved ones through the power of multi-unit real estate ownership. We’ll show you how to find and analyze complex multimillion-dollar properties, how to identify underperforming apartment buildings, how to run lighting-fast syndications to fund deals bigger than you ever imagined, and more… while giving you the tools and the team you can rely on each step of the way as you grow your portfolio. Apply to join 7 Figure Multifamily today and let’s get started!