I had an interesting conversation the other day…

I was talking with one of our 7 Figure Altitude members.

She’s a successful real estate investor, and she’s been doing well for a while.

But this year, she ran into some rough patches.

And as we talked, she said to me, “I wish I was like you… everything YOU touch turns to gold.”

It caught me off guard.

Yes, I have had a lot of success in my wholesaling / flipping business.

But there are ALWAYS ups-and downs… and when I look back over 2019, I see a LOT of mistakes and missed goals and things I could have done better.

So I decided to do something different on the podcast today.

In today’s episode, I’m going to tell you what I failed at this year.

(And get ready… it’s a long list.)

The thing is, nobody’s perfect.

There will always be room to improve.

As you grow, you’ll face new issues and new challenges.

Doesn’t matter how successful you are.

What matters is, are you learning from your failures? And are you taking what you learn and using it as fuel to propel you forward?

With that in mind, let’s dive in to what went WRONG in 2019…

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