Beka Shea has flipped more than 60 houses.

She has wholesaled over 120 more.

She owns and operates a marketing consulting company.

And she’s the director of our mastermind groups and mentoring programs here at 7 Figure Flipping.

But what you might NOT know is…

...she has personally hired more than 30 people to work for her in various roles at various companies over the past few years.

She knows a thing or two about inspiring people and building teams…

And she’ll be the first to tell you that the “hiring market” is completely different today than it was last year or even just a few months ago.

So this year at Flip Hacking LIVE, I’ve asked Beka to share her hiring secrets with us.

This stuff is important if you ever want to get out of the “day-to-day grind” of your real estate investing business so you can SCALE and DO MORE DEALS.

Here’s a sneak peek at what she’s planning for FHL… a HUGE bonus at the end of the episode!

Listen in now!

One of the keys to hiring the right people is your job ad.

The right job post will attract the right people.

The wrong wording will push them away.

Beka has agreed to give 3 “job ads” as a free bonus to anyone who signs up to attend this year’s Flip Hacking LIVE event.

These are actual job posts you can use to hire talent for YOUR team.

We’ve used them to hire acquisitions reps, project managers, and lead intake managers.

You’ll get them automatically when you purchase your ticket...

Hit the link below!

CLICK HERE to Get a Spot at Flip Hacking LIVE 2021 >>

See you in October!

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Flip Hacking LIVE tickets for October 2022 are available now… and seats are filling up fast. If you want to learn the exact systems and strategies the nation’s top house flippers and wholesalers are using to flip 100s of houses per year, reserve your spot today. Hit the link below to sign up!


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