10 Things I Learned About Team Leadership in 2021

10 Things I Learned About Team Leadership in 2021

Time to be open and honest.


We just spent the last two days in an annual planning meeting with the 7 Figure Flipping leadership team. We’ve been mapping out where we want to take the company in 2022. But this meeting is NOT just a planning session, it’s also a chance for us to put everything on the table and dig into any issues that might be causing problems within the company and how we can do better. 

My team and I are real with each other. 

We’re honest with each other. 

We hold each other accountable. 

I saw this as an opportunity to share with you what I learned in hopes it may have an ‘aha’ moment or two for you. 

What I Learned: 

  1. Leadership Team Meetings: Are they being used as a replacement for inter departmental issues? 

We learned that problems between departments were being saved for weekly team meetings and being brought to the other person for the first time with everyone else listening. Now these issues are being aired out for everyone to weigh in on as opposed to it being worked out one on one. This not only creates a different dynamic in problem solving but it takes up time in a leadership meeting that could be used for other goals. 

  1. Your Marketing Strategy should be communicated throughout all the other departments.

Your vision is implemented through marketing and if all departments are clued into this vision they can do their part to shift their actions to support the evolution of this vision.

  1. The final milestone of every ‘Rock’ should be rolled out for the entire team. 

‘Rocks’ are major goals that move your company toward the future vision.  If you finish a big project everyone needs to know what it is and how it can be immediately utilized by the team and into the processes and structures of the company. Otherwise you run the risk of your ‘rock’ being put on a shelf and not used in the way it was intended to move the company forward. 

  1. As you are reading certain books and going to certain training sessions, some of the staff that works directly with you would benefit greatly from being on the same page (literally). 

When I am doing a course or reading a book that is having a huge influence on how I am restructuring the company or my vision, it really saves time if members of the staff I am collaborating with know what I am talking about because they are reading the same book at the same time. 

  1. Accountability- What example are you setting for your team? 

Are you completing your ‘to do’s, showing up prepared, what are your actions really saying? Nothing sets the tone of leadership more profoundly than leading by example. 

  1. When you have trust in your staff the time savings are massive. 

Quite simply when you trust your team, you don’t need to check up on them. ‘It saves you time when you trust that other people are going to get done what you need them to get done.’ Building a foundation of trust in your company will smooth the way for quick and exponential growth.  

  1. Separate problems from the people so you can make different and better decisions.

Challenge directly but care deeply about the person. There is a way to lead without ‘blaming’ your staff while still holding them accountable. 

  1. Your Accountability Tracker is the most Important Business tool at your disposal. 

Create an Accountability Tracker that works best for your company. It is crucial to implementing strategy and keeping your team on track. It defines where you have People and Process issues in your company. We have 5 tools we use to track our business growth: 

  1. Our Vision Tracking Organizer. 1 year plan, 3 year picture, 7 or 10 year big audacious goal. 
  2. Rocks -- things you do every 90 days that will move the company forward.
  3. Scorecard -- numbers, data, that show if the company is doing well on a weekly basis. 
  4. The Meeting Pulse - Tracking all of your meetings and their success.  
  5. Accountability Chart - How is your company designed? How does communication flow? Is everyone aware of what they are responsible for and hitting their marks regularly? 

9) In any conflict, ask questions, apologize, and listen. 

We need to ask questions and get curious about other people’s reality. If people are just defending their positions and not really getting curious or hearing others you will basically just talk at each other and no head-way will be made. Feelings are important because they help you to understand where someone else is coming from and when you do, the person feels heard, and conflict is resolved more efficiently. 

10) Clear roles must be defined. 

Every 3 to 6 months you have to redefine roles on a regular basis and communicate to the people on your team what is changing, even if it is your own role. Uncertainty from the staff and leadership team can cause disruption in the flow of the team. It is important to regularly reassess how each person is working and what is changing. Clarity is kindness and it is necessary for a smoothly running process in your company. 

I hope you can learn from my lessons and apply them to your REI business to save you time and money! 

As always my goal is for you to have a shorter path to success and I hope that sharing the evolution of the team here at 7 Figure Flipping can help you build your business. 

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