How to Start the Hiring Process

How to Start the Hiring Process

The hiring process can be intimidating for new business owners. If you have been wearing all the hats yourself and you know it is time to hire, we are here with Beka Shea to give you a few helpful tips on how to make that first hire. 

Beka Shea has flipped more than 60 houses and owns and operates a marketing consulting company. She’s the director of our mastermind groups and mentoring programs here at 7 Figure Flipping. She has personally hired more than 30 people to work for her in various roles at various companies over the past few years. She knows a thing or two about inspiring people and building teams.

She’ll be the first to tell you that the “hiring market” is completely different today than it was last year or even just a few months ago. Making the right hire for your business is important if you want to get out of the “day-to-day grind” of your real estate investing business so you can SCALE and DO MORE DEALS.

If you are starting to do deals regularly and you have been down in the trenches alone doing everything, you may be realizing it is NOT the best use of your time to wear all the hats. If you have been doing all the jobs for some time you have probably noticed there are certain things you are better at than others, that come more naturally to you. This is one of the benefits of wearing all the hats in the early days, you become clear on exactly what you WANT to be doing with most of your time. Beka Shea calls this the ‘genius zone.’ Everyone has an area where their unique skill set aligns with what they like to do. Optimally you want to be putting most of your time and energy into your genius zone.   

Making the right hire can free up time you spend on those tasks not in your genius zone and if you make the right hire, it can catapult your business forward. If you hire correctly, you and all your employees are operating in your areas of greatest skill, or your genius zones. 

When and how do you make that first hire and how do you get clear as to what your ‘genius zone’ is? 

  1. Your first clue that you need to hire and who to hire is in your procrastination. Once you have momentum in your business, you will notice resistance to things outside of your genius zone and that resistance/procrastination will start to affect the forward momentum of your business. When you hire someone to do that thing (the one you are resisting), your business will regain momentum and most likely accelerate!

What if you only want to hire someone for one task and minimal hours per week? Is that even possible? 

Beka Shea says often people overthink the hiring process by putting false limitations on the hours and role they need to hire for. For example, Beka’s first hire was for five hours a week sending someone else out to find leads. This freed up five hours of her time to devote toward areas inside her genius zone. 

That being said as you begin scaling your company and building a team…..

  1. You have to understand people’s roles in the company and how you manage them. 

The most important thing you need to start hiring members of your team is to get clear on where you want to go. Once you understand that, you know what roles you need to prioritize filling first to grow your company. Next, get clear on your criteria for each position. This will help you Interview potential hires with consistency and ensure you hire the best candidate for the job and not just someone you like. 

These two steps will help guide you through your first hire and for more detailed information on everything from how to post a job ad, and how to screen your hires, follow us over at 7FigureFlipping! 

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