The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do

The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do

Grant Cardone got on a private Zoom call with our 7 Figure Mastermind members and shared some INCREDIBLE breakthroughs including the “most powerful thing” he has done in his life that helped him succeed at a high level. We’re sharing it with you so you can shift into a success mindset. Sometimes it's not about adding more information but about taking away what is stopping you. 

When we get real about the economy right now, we are looking at the greatest economic reset of a lifetime. It will prove to be the greatest creation of renters in the history of America. The demographic that will be the most affected is the middle class. The lower and upper ends of the bracket stay basically the same, but high-income earners will have to readjust their assets. Equity will continue to drop as will the stock market. Self-direct all your income and IRA into real estate as soon as possible. Why might some of you resist this? 

Most of us were taught to live within our means. Most of us, especially those of us in the practical occupation of real estate,  aren’t taking our money and going out and buying Lamborghinis. You are going to invest in a property. The problem lies in the conservative ‘saving’ mindset. This is small thinking. The idea that ‘debt’ is bad. You don’t have to pay everything off, as a matter of fact you can ‘stack’ your debt. If you have debt that is actively building your worth you can utilize it in a way that benefits you. The problem is we aren’t taught how to be really wealthy. That brings us to mindset. 

The biggest problem in America is that no one takes risks. It’s not the Gucci bags or other luxury items, it’s that we are taught to squirrel away our money into savings. The mentality is ‘work hard and save your money.’ This is a small mindset, AND this translates directly into what risks you are willing to take in real estate. Notice if everything is about finding the ‘lowest’ price per unit. That’s what Grant’s mindset used to be. ‘Find the  lowest price per unit and get the biggest return on cash flow.’ The truth is, if you invest in properties with more doors and make a big purchase, your return will be significantly higher. And, it’s actually easier to buy 200 units than it is to buy 20. It’s also easier to raise money for multi million dollar multi-family units. 

This can be hard to do until you do it, because your mind is fixed on needing the mechanics. The ‘how’ will kill you. You have to keep asking yourself how could I do it? Who do I need to meet, to make this happen? Interestingly enough you don’t need to have amazing credit because the deal itself is proof. It grabs attention because it is something special. Great assets will always attract people because they are different. In order to take a leap like this you need to change your mindset.  

The most powerful thing you can do to change your mind is to be around people with bigger problems and bigger solutions who are living bigger lives. You have to see someone living that BIG life to know it is possible. 

Changing your mind is not about beating your chest, it's not about some gimmick. It’s about changing your environment for periods of days, then weeks, then months. You need to spend time taking out of your mind what has you trapped. What you think you ‘know’ will trap you. People don’t have a motivation problem; they have too much conflicting data.  Anytime you find yourself not taking action you have conflicting data which makes you not move. The way to change this is to throw away one of the options in front of you and throw it away. That frees you up to move in one direction. These days on the internet, everyone will have an opinion. You have to choose to believe the thing that will help you take action towards building that BIG life. 

Here at 7 Figure Flipping we were absolutely inspired by Grant Cardone’s approach and his advice had a huge impact on our Mastermind group. We hope some of what we have shared here today will help you take the steps to remove from your mind the things that are keeping you from taking action and stepping forward into a BIG life. 

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