Tips to Turn Leads Into Deals

Tips to Turn Leads Into Deals

Why is it important to focus on lead intake and lead management? 

You spend money, time, and energy to focus on marketing and then what do you do with leads?

A lead intake is what you do after you make the phone ring. Getting the lead is half the battle, having someone who understands how to listen, problem solve and categorize the lead is what can turn a lead into a deal. 

We sat down with Val Brega, my lead intake manager who has talked to thousands of people and closed hundreds of deals. Val has been doing lead intake for Bill's company Black Jack Real Estate for 3 years and she has seen it all. She knows what it means to qualify a lead and can break down her system to benefit you! 

For Val real estate is all about solving problems in an ever-changing market. Challenges can create opportunities for continued growth. She began solving problems by figuring out how to tweak and develop her own intake systems and phone script. Her success speaks for itself!

Val says she “doesn’t get pushback” anymore when talking to sellers because she has figured out how to “tweak” what she says to keep them hooked. She’s setting 20 appointments per week RIGHT NOW. 

She can literally turn “unmotivated” leads that other investors would screen out into MOTIVATED contacts within the first 10 minutes of the call.

Here are a few of her Tips: 

  1.  Communicate in a way that helps the sellers feel you are at their service, not the other way around. 

It’s about them. If you learn how to listen deeply for where the seller is at and what their need is, you can use your knowledge to come up with a solution that is uniquely well-suited to them. You are part of their team, not just another company trying to get something from them. This establishes trust and helps the seller let down their walls and want to work with your company. 

From her mistakes along the way, Val also learned these 3 crucial ‘Don’ts.’ 

  1. Don’t give advice to the seller.

They aren’t asking you to give them personal advice, they are calling you to find additional options and solutions for their problem. 

  1. Don’t feel their pain, but find a solution for it. 

There is such a thing as being too empathetic. You are the one they are calling for solutions. Keeping a solid grounded approach allows you to help them into action instead of staying stuck with them in the problem. 

  1. Don’t go negative on leads that already have motivation. 

There is a selling technique called ‘going negative’ that has you lead the seller into discovering all the reasons why you are their best solution. You do this by having them discount all their other options. However this can be a frustrating waste of time for a motivated seller. If they know they want a buyer, all you need to be is the right buyer for them. Listen for motivation at the top of the call. 

The Bottom Line: 

Don’t just rely on a phone-script, you have to understand how to use it as a guide while adapting your problem solving focus to each individual seller’s unique situation.  

If you are spending the money and doing all the hard work it takes to bring in leads I want you to help you close on some of those leads! I hope these tips will assist you in turning your marketing into profit! 

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