Most real estate investors are losing deals for one reason…

They’re not following up with sellers.

I just sat down with Danny Johnson to talk about how you can get more deals from the leads you already have by implementing a simple, automated followup system that’s EASY to use…

Forefront CRM, a real estate investor CRM, is Danny’s current passion. He wanted to build the best software system for real estate investors. He knew simply competing on a long feature list wasn’t going to do it.  He knew the CRM needed to be drastically different and chose to take a visual approach to managing leads and deals.  This approach greatly simplifies the day to day work that is needed inside a CRM.  A big focus of the system is the automated motivated seller follow up.  Now real estate investors are able to stay in touch with sellers for years without lifting a finger!  If you want to learn more about real estate investor follow up, be sure to read Danny’s Definitive Guide to Follow Up For Real Estate Investors.

Listen in now!

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