Are you hearing all of the fear and negativity in the world right now? Most of the world is broadcasting it loud and clear.
If you’re struggling with the anxiety that often comes with an uncertain market, I’ve got a different kind of message for you in this episode. ..
5 years ago, I heard two “messages” that inspired me to move forward with my house flipping and wholesaling business. One came from Mike Tyson. The other came from LL Cool J.
With everything that’s going on right now, I think it’s time to revisit these two messages.
If you feel like you’ve hit a wall in your business, this is for you…
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Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
-Mike Tyson
At the beginning of 2020, many real estate investors thought this would be their year. The economy was booming and the outlook was bright.  
The coronavirus and the economic shut down that followed was a punch in the face that no one saw coming. Now it’s time to reset, take stock, and make changes.
When adversity comes, investors have two options…
Stop, shut down, and wallow in misery…
Or decide what to do, move forward, and keep going.
The circumstances of every challenge are always different, but the way forward is always the same… take action and keep going.
"Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.”
LL Cool J

As the economy prepares to open back up this month, the stage is set for what looks like a triumphant return for real estate investors.
What experienced investors know, however, is that it’s not really a comeback at all, but simply a continuation of all the hard work leading up to this moment.
There’s so much positivity in the 7 FIgure Flipping community right now.
7 Figure Runway members have been sharing the excitement of their first deals.
7 Figure Altitude members are having continued success through April and into May.
This community is built on mutual support. If you’re doing well, you should be reaching a hand down to help someone up. If you’re not doing well, you should be reaching a hand up to get some help.
There is a huge opportunity for growth on the other side of each wall. Never lose sight of that.

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